We provide Weatherstripping and Door Service both Residential and Commercial

We offer many different products to keep the weather from entering your buildings and homes; the purpose of this page is to breakdown and explain those products. The products have changed and evolved over the last several decades with the advances in door and home construction. The typical exterior door still consists of two main pieces: the threshold and the weatherstripping that seals around the door.

Below you will see some Before and After pictures followed by an explanation of the service performed.



Many times there are changes to interior and exterior flooring (i.e. hardwood floors, tile, etc.), the floor is raised up and the doors need to be adjusted. In this case, the patio brick was added and the doors needed to new thresholds to accomodate the changes done to the flooring that lead up to the doors. More often, hardwood floors are added inside the home and without the proper weatherstripping those floors are at risk to water and weather and can lead to very costly repairs.

The following pictures are the same scenario, the only difference is they are a set of french doors leading to the patio.


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